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Kilim Arian 8

Kilim Arian 8

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Product details

  • Handmade Kilim Rug
  • Material: wool
  • Country of origin:
  • Size:100×80cm
  • Weight: ~800g

Main features

  1. Handmade with wool material
  2. Thanks to the natural material, it stabilizes the room temperature in both cold and hot conditions. Additionally, during colder days, adding a wool rug reduces the need to use heating.


  1. Good quality thanks to natural wool
  2. Uniqueness: There is no duplicate of this carpet
  3. Artwork: Not mass produced
  4. It does not depreciate in value over time


  1. Hotel rooms
  2. Bedroom
  3. Stay
  4. Wall
  5. Holiday/Picnic
  6. Table
  7. Room temperature stabilizer
  • Shipping is free in Europe.
  • We accept returns.
  • Small imperfections may exist since they are handmade.

This rug is handmade by Afghan rug makers in Afghanistan, mainly women and families affected by the war. Bamika helps them sell their products in international markets.

If you want more photos or information you can simply contact us on whatsapp at: 3806309237

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